SA1 Online Chinese Workshop for Primary 3 to Secondary 4

Find out how well your child will fare in their school exams with XueLin’s SA1 online Chinese Workshop. 

Are you feeling anxious about the cancellation of mid-year examinations in school?

With mid-year examinations being cancelled due to the pandemic, we understand how hard it can be to evaluate your child’s academic level for the Mother Tongue exam. Our highly anticipated SA1 online Chinese Workshop is here to help you predict your child’s performance for their school exam. What’s more, your child will be able to develop Key Scoring Skills to find out the most effective strategy in tackling questions!

How Our SA1 Online Chinese Workshop Can Help Your Child

Develop Key Scoring Skills to tackle questions

Our experienced teachers have developed a tested-and-proven Key Scoring Skills strategy that will allow your child to better understand higher-order questions and how to frame their answers with specific keywords to give their revision a turbo boost.

Identify areas that need improvements

By knowing your child’s standard based on the practice paper, you will be able to find out where your child needs to allocate more time and effort to brush up on the essential concepts and skills to score well. It can also help to decide whether or not additional chinese tuition support is required.

Find out the most efficient strategy to score

During the live marking session, our Chinese tutors will be sharing insightful tips on how to tackle certain questions and the must-know tricks to scoring an A for both school and national Chinese exam papers. You will also gain important coaching advice on how to guide your child during their revisions.

About XueLin

Learn Chinese the XueLin Way! With more than 10 years of experience in Chinese tutoring in Singapore, XueLin Learning Hub has successfully developed a nurturing learning environment with a proven track record in academic success stories from students. We believe in empowering every child to excel in their Chinese learning journey.

SA1 Online Chinese Workshop for Primary 3 to Secondary 4

Created by Singapore’s top Chinese tutors, we can help your child to develop Key Scoring Skills with our in-house Chinese exam papers.

SA1 Workshop Details includes the following:

  • Printable SA1 exam paper
  • 1.5-2 hours of Zoom marking session and fees, includes a 30 mins Q&A session

Fees: 40.00 SGD to 85.00 SGD, depending on the level

What makes our SA1 Chinese Exam Papers exceptional?

  • Include a few higher order questions to test the child’s ability of analyzing and evaluating
  • A good representation of Singapore top schools' examinations, with the same topics weightage and level of difficulty
  • Structured and set to the standard of MOE’s Mother Tongue curriculum
  • Specially designed for Primary 3 to Secondary 4 students

Just 3 Simple Steps to get the most out of this Workshop!

Step 1

Print out our SA1 Chinese Examination Paper

Easily access our database to retrieve the practice exam paper for printing. You have the flexibility to plan the time slot to schedule the practice exam with your child.

Step 2

Complete the paper within the stipulated time

Invigilate your child and ensure that the practice exam paper is completed within the time duration.

Step 3

Attend a 2 hours Zoom marking session with our Chinese tutors

Our Chinese tutors will go through the answers with in-depth analysis on how to tackle each question strategically. This includes a 30 mins Q&A section for you to clarify any doubts. We highly encourage you to sit in with your child during this marking session.

What are you waiting for? Let's help your child pave the way to Chinese exam success today!