Master Chinese Oral Exam Techniques with XueLin’s ‘O’ Levels Oral Intensive Online Workshop

‘O’ Levels Chinese Oral Online Workshop for Secondary 3/4 Be familiarized with current affairs topics and undergo an intensive training of answering techniques by our Chinese tutor to excel in the national oral exam.

Master Chinese Oral Exam Techniques with XueLin’s Online Workshop

With the National Chinese Oral Exam drawing near, your child may feel ill-prepared and nervous about sitting for the exam. The Chinese oral exam is designed to not only test students’ oral skills, but also their listening and information gathering skills. 

To better equip your child with useful and powerful oral exam skills, our team of highly experienced Chinese tutors have designed a well-rounded, thematic curriculum modeled after the latest MOE oral syllabus for both Express and Higher Chinese students.

What are the difficulties faced by students when preparing for the oral examination?

As many students do not read or speak Chinese in their daily life, they often find it challenging to excel in the oral exam. Some common difficulties faced by students include:

  • Unable to understand the theme of the short video
  • Lack of content and knowledge for discussion with the examiner 
  • Insufficient knowledge in approaching the questions
  • Poor time management skills for the 10 mins preparation time
  • Struggle to form proper sentences when conversing

Xuelin’s 2-hour online oral class will consolidate in-depth content material and guide students in segmenting their answers to answer the questions effectively. 

About XueLin

Learn Chinese the XueLin Way! With more than 10 years of experience in Chinese tutoring in Singapore, XueLin Learning Hub has successfully developed a nurturing learning environment with a proven track record in academic success stories from students. We believe in empowering every child to excel in their Chinese learning journey.

How will your child benefit from this intensive oral workshop?

Our online workshop provides an additional Chinese tuition support for Secondary 4 students to learn the scoring techniques for each component, be it the enunciation of words in the passage reading or the latest current affairs that are relatable for the examination.

With 10 minutes of preparation time, it is important for students to manage their pace and time allocation well. Our Chinese tutor will provide the must-know tips for students to take notes effectively and make the most out of the preparation time. 

Practice runs will be conducted in each session. Our Chinese tutor will gauge students’ reactions to the questions and note their sentence structure to boost their confidence and ace the actual oral examination.

By the end of the workshop, Secondary 4 students will be:

  • Confident in excelling the oral exam as this workshop is organised into digestible chunks
  • Equipped with analytical skills to deep-dive into the tested theme
  • Formulate sound recommendations and opinions to answer higher-order questions
  • Familiarized with different video content and formats to prepare for the examiner's questions
  • Gain time management strategies to make full use of the preparation duration
  • Trained to answer questions posed by the examiner and be able to include appropriate examples from their personal experiences

Take the first step to broaden your child’s knowledge of oral themes to provide targeted and concise answers for the upcoming ‘O’ Level Oral Examination!

How are our online classes structured? 


Tutor will share scoring strategies to ace the oral examination and provide consolidated material tailored to each theme

Thematic Video

Students will watch a few short videos ( 1 - 1.5 mins each ) based on the selected theme

Practice Run

Students will engage in a discussion with the tutor according to the oral exam conditions

Q & A

Students can voice out their difficulties faced during the practice run and clarify their doubts with tutor

Details of the Workshop:

Secondary 3 Higher Chinese, Secondary 4 Express Chinese & Higher Chinese:

  • 28 June - 07 July, 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm (including Sat and Sun)

Secondary 4 Higher Chinese:

  • 13 July - 24 July, 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm (excluding Sat and Sun)

Fees:  $700 (XueLin’s student) and $900 (Other students)

What is the format of the Secondary 4 Chinese oral examinations?

Express Chinese (10-15 mins, 50 marks):

Students are given 10 minutes to silently read a given passage and watch a short video about a topic. Thereafter, they will engage in two components with the examiner.

Part 1: Read a passage aloud 

Part 2: Video-based conversation
Students will speak about the topic as shown in the video and answer questions posed by the examiner, engaging in a short conversation.

Higher Chinese (20 mins, 40 marks):

Students are given 10 minutes to watch a short video on a topic. He/she can replay the video and take down pointers to prepare for a summary reporting. The oral examination has two components:

Part 1: Summary Reporting
Students will summarize the contents of the short video in no more than 2 minutes to the examiner and present their point-of-view on the topic.

Part 2: Video-based conversation
Students will engage in a discussion with the examiner based on the summary reporting and oral topic.

*Due to the COVID-19 situation, students will have to undertake precautionary measures before sitting for the examinations. Please refer here for more information.

Watch your child grow from strength to strength in oral communication skills with our Intensive ‘O’ Level Oral Online Workshop today!